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Happy Earth Day!

I have fun news that I am so excited to share with you! My new album with Collective Acoustics, “This Truth” is finally out of incubation and
is being fully released into the world!! If you don’t have tons of time to read further, or if you just can’t wait any longer and wish to purchase
your very own physical copy/ or download you can do so here.

For those of you that want to know a little bit more about the album, here is the gist of what this project is and how it came to be:

This Truth is different from any other Album I have done or been a part of. It is a full collaboration between the group Collective Acoustics
and myself. It was created in the span of a few years of precious stolen moments both together as a live group and separately across
state lines through e-mail communications.

It combines sacred Sanskrit mantra and tranquil grooves woven into thoughtful arrangements that range from jazzy to funky to ambient.
To be clear, there are no English lyrics, though you will find simple explanations and translations in the physical album.

For so many reasons, this creative process has been deeply inspiring. Not only have I always admired the incredible talent and musicianship
of the members in Collective Acoustics, but I also have a deep reverence and awe for the sacred practice of Mantra, and am so deeply
grateful that this practice has graced my life. Connected to each song is a story of how these mantras came to me and what they have revealed
to me up to this moment in my life (some of these stories are also shared in the physical album).

And that is the gist!

Please check it out... let me know what you think! ...and if you like what you hear please share it with others!

My deepest gratitude to all of you for your wonderful support!
Keep Creating!!

Peace for us all,

PS. a special thanks to Alec Meltzer and Guavabyte for sharing their creative energy and time on this website!

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